XFX Silently Strips New Radeon Cards of 'Double Lifetime Warranty'



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Usual load of corporate doublespeak bullshit.

It's a money grab to sell extended warranties.

And when a company spews crap like "we are in line with the rest of the industry" my only comment is "So, you don't want to do it better any more, you want to be an also-ran".

Screw em. Lots of other choices.



I bought a Sapphire RadeonHD 4870x2 back in 2008 and while Sapphire's warranty is what most would consider merely average (2 years, non-transferable), the card has run flawlessly since the day I got it.

I've had other (built by) ATI cards in the past, starting with the 9600 Pro, and they've all died prematurely, which is outrageous considering the cost of some of this hardware. Prior to that, I had exclusively nVidia-based cards (except for the old days when I was rocking a Voodoo2). Due to these bad experiences, I almost skipped ATI altogether when I when I was last in the market for a video card, but the reviews of the new hardware were all good and, after some investigation, I settled on the Sapphire version.

When it comes to reviews, there's really only one thing that counts: would I buy from this company again? Well, it's been a few years since my last hardware upgrade and I'm beginning to feel the itch. I'm looking at the 7970 from Sapphire (though I will probably wait until the x2 version is out), but yes - I will, in all likelihood, be buying from Sapphire again.

- Jox



XFX used to be the god tier of video card manufacturers. Now they're slowly slumping in with the "okay tier" level.



Now there's no reason to buy XFX anymore. I used to have their XXX version of nvidia's 8000 series, and having that double warranty helped me sell it off a lot easier when I upgraded my video card.



I almost bought an XFX...then I took an arrow to the knee. All jokes aside, I was gonna buy an XFX Radeon HD 6870 BE until I noticed that at least 50% of people had major issues. I went with the MSI card (and was even able to get a price difference rebate on it a week later) and haven't looked back.



My XFX 5850 was such a disappointment that I won't be buying XFX again. No heatsinking of the VRMs, poor heatsinking of the memory chips, and it was hardware locked against overvolting. My next build I'm going EVGA 680 Hydro.



Same goes for my XFX 6950 1GB. I bought it before there were a ton of reviews of it on NewEgg. God, I wish I hadn't purchased this PoS. It runs incredibly hot, even in my decently large and ventilated case, and it's defective, along with ~50% of the other people who reviewed the thing. Vertical stripes under medium load, and their customer support didn't even seem to acknowledge there was an issue with the card...

I bought their card thinking it would be higher quality product. Won't make that mistake again.

And not to be a grammar Nazi but: "...lets users swap heatsinks and overclock _ther_ GPUs...".



Smart decision, but also a dangerous one.
Now-a-day, a lot things can no longer be hidden. Not announcing everything is almost as fatal as producing flaw products...

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