Is XFX Getting Into Case Design?



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For a first start it's okay, It looks like they're trying to copy decent cases but at the same time trying not to copy anyone as far as cosmetics go. Sadly I could do better than this with the time and materials and I've not built one before.I really hope this is a rough alpha of design that will actually become a decent case. otherwise they need to stick to GPUs



It looks like a lot of plastic. It looks like it would be easy to break and of cheap materials, but than again its a start, lets see what they come up with next.


Peanut Fox

I'm a bit surprised XFX was able to stick around when BFG folded.



Why a computer case that provides airflow by being open to...the air? that's absurd!

Imagine all the dryer sheets I'm going to have to use for improv air filters.

I love it.



Looking at the images on Fudzilla, the bottom and side panels seem to be just mesh. If you look through the cutouts on the mobo tray, the door on the other side seems to be slotted as well.

If you were going to build a PC with the minimum number of fans possible, this seems to be a good way without having to resort to some kinda test bench. :p

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