Xfire Debate: The Future of Call of Duty



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why not just

Call Of Duty: Ancient Warfare ?

id buy that just for the promising title. it WILL have slings and spears and rocks. maybe a dinosaur hunt mode (but totally different from TUROK spinoff) or something or as recent as riding an elephant thru a battlefield. WWII was fun for the first few times. and Zombie Nazis don't count in my book as a valid Nazi resurrection. for demonic zombie nazis and other hideous (but cool themed enemies) i prolly should go finally play Wolfenstein, but that setting is in WWII, even if altered somewhat. but the WWII aspect has gotten old for me. History Channel coverage is great, and i get my healthy dose of that war from their shows every year, so i do not need to spend an extra 50$ for another WWII game.

as i am sure many players go online to get the most out of their games, but i prefer the solo campaign, which unfortunately has become a cool way of being a "tutorial" for the online segments, with not much depthbesides maybe the storyline(s).



Great debate. Andy, that ending was gold.



Everything after CoD:UO sucked.


CoD2 onwards where all designed with consoles in mind, that's why you have the retardedly easymode grenade indicator, minimap bips, small (16 player) maps, hit indicators ect ect.


IW are sell outs, the only real game for competition these days is Quake Live, pretty much everything else is RNG based or console based. 



I think it was an online debate in a chatroom. Why else would Shoe say that his text turned black? ;)



I wish it was in mp3 format, but oh well.. it was nice to read it though. ;)



I totally agree.  I can't believe these total street cred geeks forgot, or didn't bother to record this meeting.  I'm sorry I can't be bothered to read it.



The debate itself was done entirely through text, so that's why we didn't record it.



IMO i think the CoD people really screwed up when they decided to go back to a WWII game.  There are plenty of WWII games and not that many Modern warfare games like the Cod 4.



it's eaiser to just change and twist some historical facts to make an interesting story, but i guess it does also limit their freedom to create something different.



Nazis with pulse riffles



They should take a few weapons from the newer games. Get a nuke launcher in there or something. Maybe have a few lasers or something.

 Whats a pulse rifffle? Is that a new type of potato chip?

~No one said it would be easy....they just said it was worth it...~

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