XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Slingshot DLC Now Available



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I like this iteration of X-com on PC and got plenty of hours in. I think the PCgamer score 87/100 is about right. Good game, maybe not "great" (needs the few more maps and weapons that this DLC will provide) but I really like turn based titles like this. The game is great fun if you play on the harder difficulties. I'd recommend it.



the game was not great. another example of phoney reviews designed to drive sales via PC gamer.



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560 Microsoft points?!! What a low blow, since one cannot buy exactly 560 points it'll take 10 bucks to buy a 7 dollar DLC.

The demo was fun, but even though it is made by an MD studio and I'm a MD resident, I can't say that it was 40+ dollars worth of fun. A much better experience on the PC than on the 360, though I wish they'd devoted their means to PC exclusively. But who here doesn't?



Note that as of December 5th, if you have save games created after the first XCOM patch, those cannot be loaded if you have the new DLC installed!

Hopefully a fix is coming soon.

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