Were Xbox One E3 Demos Powered by Windows 7 and Nvidia Graphics?



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Laptop Adapters...

I like use Windows 7, and reading your article opens my sight.
Thank you!



Remember when they demo'ed Watch Dogs a few months back. People talked about how amazing it looked, of course it was running on a PC at the show.



and probably with the graphics turned down from what the card can handle (such as running the demos on medium or high to emulate the console vs ultra that it would normally do for standard pc gaming)




I live for the $1K cards, latest Intel CPU's, SSD's, Soundblaster Cards, and all that!! Sure I spend a few thousand dollars building a gaming rig, but make no mistake, no console will ever match the quality and speed of my beast! And as far as controllers, AWSD FTW! Freaking X-Box and Playstation controllers are way to complicated for my skills! I am trying to play a game, not play the piano at a concert! Show me a console that will play "Skyrim" like my pc beast does (and lets not talk about all the mods I have loaded to it) and I'll be sold then.



The funny thing is, at my last company when it was demoing "next gen hardware" to customers, it never had any real new product. It was the current generation's product in a new package. Maybe with some custom electronics to get the job done. We waited for a contract to do actual development work.



I wonder how many preorders just got canceled?






Regardless, it was still a dumb move both by the developer and by Microsoft for allowing them to showcase their game using a PC running Windows 7 under the pretense of it being an XBox.

Now there's a credibility question for all developers (and Microsoft) from the show.



Ahh, people are too quick to jump onto the XBone hate without all the details. I'll be looking for more sources to corroborate this.



The catch is that much of the point of buying a console is to buy the bandwagon. If the gamers don't buy, the developers won't be interested. This is much less of a problem considering that the Xbone is basically the same chip as the PS4 with about 2/3 of the GPU, so porting PS4 games should be easy. I'd still wait and see what MS delivers. Note that I hardly trust Sony to keep any promises either: removing Linux seemed like a calculated effort to see if they could remove features in shipped consoles and they could (never mind annoying the tiny few hackers that figured out how to root the console to get it back on).

Canceling a preorder and waiting to see what ships is hardly "hate". I'd call it sanity. There's no reason to believe that the Xbone is going to be supply limited, and if it is there are much bigger problems that you don't want to buy into.



Microsoft.... How shameful... it basically means that the whole thing is a sham. Xbox one has lower specs than the ps4 and probably couldn't have impressed as much.



Hate to play Devil's advocate here, but with enough time spent with optimizations, the hardware in the XBone and PS4 could drive that level of graphics. With E3 being a key battleground, publishers and developers won't hesitate to show off the most power out of their game engines. And if these game engines are developed and work well on PC's, maybe that'll translate to better ports for us PC users.



how ironic, isn't it?

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