Xbox Community App Store – All in One Entertainment Devices Emerge



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Oh, great idea! Being a woman (wife and mother) I think about all the space you can save this way. My husband watches movies, my children play mmorpg’s and I usually do online psychic readings and we don’t do these things in the same time. So this is perfect for my family.



No Thanks, we boght a roku box for streaming netflix, and it only cost 99 dollars all else is free besides the monthly netflix account.



The free app at will let you stream Netflix instant movies to your xBox 360 today, and you won't have to spring for a Gold membership.

With a PC, Apple TV, xBox 360 and whatever my cable company gets around to eventually, I already have too many video sources.  It's the consolidation that I'm looking for.  The shareware Netflix-toxBox app (above) is an example of what I am looking for.


-- Pete 

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