Xbox 720 Specs Reportedly Leaked



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The only reason this console could be able to run games "faster than most computers costing well above 2k" is that the PC ports of the console games remained optimized for the console instead of the PC.



Just because it has 8 cores (supposedly) doesn't mean that it will be anywhere near the computing power of current generation 2k desktops (or laptops). Think AMD vs. Intel, Hex core versus Quad core, and how badly that Quad core smoked the Hex core. Same thing with that Graphics portion. I can already tell you that it will never be as fast as current generation dedicated graphics (even from a laptop perspective), because the memory is shared between the CPU and GPU and the memory is on the North bridge.



SSD are getting cheaper but some still have problems of you go to turn your pc on and the hard drive no longer is seen as a hard drive. Do you really want to take that chance on a gaming system? I would rather they just put in a WD Raptor and it would be a fair compromise of speed and reliability.



Ultrabooks by mainstream companies (eg:Lenovo) are shipping with SSDs. This problem of which you speak is ancient history.



Boo HDD, SSD's so cheap right now that's a silly component to skip on for dramatic improvement



problem is that these things take a long time from the moment HW specs are decided and when they are released. Even if specs were not set already (which I believe they have been for quite a while), by the time the device actually comes out you'll probably be like '$600 and only a 60GB SSD?'.

Obviously the best solution for the customer is for them to allow easy swapping of the drive, but we know it won't be like that, after all, that's part of their 'upgrade' lines, to keep the device selling, bring it with more drive space



SSD's are cheap if you buy them retail. But MS overcharges! Just look at the cost markup for an 360 Hard Drive.

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