Xbox 360 TV Update "Slightly Delayed"



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As long as they keep Netflix running, I will keep my gold membership. For some reason, the latest XBox360 streams Netflix beautifully, even better than my computer. That alone is worth the price...



just wait until you get the new netflix. they totally screwed it up. make sure after you get the update to delete all instances of netflix/hulu and any other "apps" you have. you got to redownload them all or the xbox tells you to insert the disc to use them when you try to quicklaunch. they didnt give us the new versions of the programs during the beta to test so that is their workaround for a day 1 bug



ive checked out 2 of 3 tv channels that are available now and they are pretty much pointless. no real substance. this update is a total failure. i hope they make plenty of money from all the ads as i will more than likely be letting gold membership go once it runs out

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