XBMC 11 Steps Out of Beta – Ready For HTPCs Everywhere



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XBMC people, its all about plugin's look for the repositories, and especially The Streaming Aggreator, Navi-X http://website.navi-x.org/ for your streaming needs! XBMC is AWESOME once you get the right plugin's for you! Do visit XBMC Forums and get up to speed on all XBMC can do for you. Check out Sickbeard too!



I love Media Browser. I use ArcSoft TMT + Media Center. Media Browser is the interface to connect the two and make available all my ripped movies. When I put together my HTPC, I looked into XBMC, and I liked Media Browser more. It pulls the metadata for your movies/TV episodes, and has an awesome, configurable interface. Also, any file format that ArcSoft plays, Media Browser will play. I use .ISOs, and they work great! If you keep your media on the HTPC, I think it would be hard to beat Media Browser. No, I don't work for them, Media Browser is free (or maybe $10, cheap for sure), and it blows away anyone who comes to my place to watch movies.



Found this a while back & loved it - but it won't play my WMA lossless files (All my own CDs I've ripped in that format); nor will it play my Zune Subscription content.
My Yamaha RXV2065 receiver can stream both from this same computer over my network - go figure.
From what I've read, at some point in the past it would play Windows Media Audio Lossless files. I've tried all the Eden betas, & just updated it to the 11.0 release when I saw your article. No dice - still won't play them. BTW - no error or message from the player - it just sits there & doesn't do anything.
So --- no go for me too. Shame - I so want to use it.



I'm sure FLAC is better for lossless files :)



I tend to agree but here's my issue; I want the absolute best audio I can rip off my own CD collection. A while back I took the time to make BIN/CUE images so that I can mount an image & rip it again and again in any format I want. Windows Media Player plays all my stuff including my Zune subscription files but won't play flac files.
I also refuse to deal with not having the album art which some players have a hard time with otherwise I'd just rip everything to wav & be done with this.
Windows Media Player gets wacky when dealing with wave files as far as the cover art goes - its there & then its not (because wave files cannot store tags & all that).
I want a Media Center that does it all - to include letting me re-direct the audio output to another device (My Yamaha for example) without changing the default audio output. I'd be perfectly happy with Windows Media Center if only I could change the audio out when using it while leaving the default alone.
I've tried every major media center out there & find that they all fall short one way or another for me - or just aren't worth the bucks that they want for it (JRiver MC for example).
Besides all that crap - the damn thing won't play my Zune stuff.
Windows Media Player plays my CD lossless collection of course, my Zune subscription, and lets me re-direct the audio out. I want a Media Center that can do that so I can watch Netflix too within the same interface.
How they left out WMA lossless & WMA VBR Zune from XBMC is beyond me. If I'm not mistaken XBMC gets its name from XBOX Media Center. And we all know that XBOX supports Zune & WMA lossless.

Any advice from anyone is welcome.

PS My receiver plays Flac files also - Crazy -)



I believe that you can have XBMC default to an external media player. I just, unfortunately, don't remember whether you can set up different players for each file-type. If WMP satisfactorily plays all your music and videos, then you can enjoy WMP's output adorned by XBMC's rich meta-data and interface.

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