Woz Waxes Complimentary on Android, Still isn't Ready to Ditch His iPhone



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I actually respect this guy. He isn't afraid to be honest and even advertise on Android's behalf...

Maybe I do want to live on this planet a little longer.



Steve is funny to follow on foursquare. just a regular dude.



I love Woz. He has integrity to speak his personal truth even if it does not aligned with a company marketing position. I just wish there were more people like him.



i wonder how many death threats and angry emails he has recieved already over this statement. once you go apple you cant sway off the path of righteousness. its not what steve would want or like



Even though I strongly dislike Apple it was hard not to go with the 4S when I switched carriers this November. I previously had a 3GS with AT&T. It was an impulse buy and I knew little about smart phones. I spent lots of money on apps, music and in app purchases, probably over $100, so I wasn't really keen on starting over. Plus my iPhone plugs right into my car stereo without any extra accessories. It has one of the best (or THE best?) screens and I like the way the UI looks.

Android phones were very appealing and I looked at a few, but I didn't care for the looks of the UI, though I suppose there may be ways to modify them. A lot of the higher end phones had a larger screen which means a larger phone and that was a negative also. I don't have a lot of extra pocket space and the iPhone is already big enough. I think the number of phones and manufacturers is also a bit intimidating because there's so many to look at. There's also the "fear" of buying a phone and not receiving decent updates like some phones are plagued with.

I suppose if I had gone with Android the first time around things might be different but with so much invested in my iPhones it's hard to switch without shelling out a lot more money.



I'm soo happy that somebody with technical influence has finally acknowledged that voice commands on Android are actually better than Siri! I strongly believe that Siri is the wrong direction for voice commands in technology. Computers, and the way we interact with them, are fundamentally different then the human brain. The way you interact with computers is in a "leave nothing up for interpretation" approach. You have a specific task that you want to perform on a computer device, and the commands to perform that task should be direct. You really have no way of knowing how Siri will respond to a given command. You don't know Siri's limitations or capabilities. Saying to Siri "Can you let John know that I'm running late" leaves the command up to interpretation by Siri and you never know how it will actually be interpreted. A specific set of commands is a much more effective method of control. You know how the command "Send text to [recipient] [message]" is going to be interpreted every single time on Android. There's no room for error. And in a technology like voice command where accuracy is extremely poor compared to other forms of input, eliminating as many variables as possible is crucial.

Steve's other statement "If you're willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there's more available in some ways" is also right on the money! I used to have the iPhone 3GS because at the time of it's release it was without a doubt the best smartphone. But I've just very recently switched to the Galaxy Nexus, and Android is fundamentally different, and it does take some time to understand it. But I've noticed that as you learn more about Android, you gradually customize it to your liking. With the iPhone, it's "this is how it works" and that's how you use it. It's just a grid of icons, and is actually quite unintuitive. But with Android you gradually make your way towards a smartphone that works exactly as you want it. And with a personal handheld device, customization is extremely important. It's a small personal device that you interact with, with your fingers at a very close level, and having that device work exactly the way you want and expect is very important.



That is probably the most astute argument regarding voice commands I have seen yet. Good stuff!

I don't want to have a conversation with my device, I want to give it an order, that's all!



LOL. Excellent!!!




I entirely agree with Wozniak.  I work as a sales associate who sells both post and prepaid from the top 3 carriers.  When I have customers come in I always gather information from them to determine what handset would be just right for them.  If the customer is new to smartphones and doesn't work well with technology generally I'll recommend the iPhone and if the customer has had experience then I'll recommend an Android.


Each one has their pros and cons.  I always refer to an iPhone as the platform that is stable and simply works but it is very much locked down and unable to be customized all while many of the apps on iTunes have to be paid for.  Android phones tend to be highly customizable, open source, many apps are free or low cost, and works well with Google/Gmail (obviously) such as synching your calendar and so forth.  However with Android open source platform at times you get fragmentation so you're not guaranteed an update to the latest and greatest version while an iPhone is.  


Of course there are still many other differences but this is my take on the two platforms.  Personally I have an Android (Droid Charge) and despite stability issues every so often love it.  Eventually I would love to test out the Windows Phone waters when a LTE one is available for VZW (hoping the Lumia 900 will be upon release as that’s a damn sexy phone).  I doubt I will use an iPhone no matter how sexy they are.  Simply because I don't like Apple as a company due to their controversial practices (patent troll).  Their hardware is incredibly sexy but it is way over priced for an inferior product.




In my opinion that's wrong Chart. I'm a techie and when somebody asks me what to buy I always say Android, but I do take the time to explain how it works until they get it. When the first iphone came out I recommended it, actually recommended it until the iphone 3. The people that don't understand Android or don't want to are people that only need access to email or "easy" features and Android does that as well if not better than iOS. If they need access to more complex features, then they are going to have to be more advanced, in which case Android still fills the need. These days I only recommend iOS to people that have many apps already on iOS and would make it expensive to move to Android. Doing more and paying less is everybody's best interest not just for you and I. That last phrase is the pure definition of technology. 

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