WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Launching November 13, CE Filled with Goodies



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For a magazine based around PCs, that for the majority, are gaming machines, there sure is weak coverage of WoW. Have any of the editors ever experienced the raiding content after you hit the max cap in WoW? Maybe we don't understand that content is king, not graphics. Blizzard has accomplished something unique. The same graphics engine for 4 years and they're still increasing subscriptions. Their gameplay is great, lore is awesome, and the game appeals to many play styles. Please give us an editor that loves this game and still plays! You got millions of people to choose from!



Best Buy puts the CE on-line I will be buying it!  No Question!!

 Need more Warcrack!!  Must have it!!!



but I suspect 10+ million people would disagree with you although based on the 3 (now 4) comments on your article I do "understand the appeal" of your opinion.



It was more a tie-in to my opening bit about Blizzard selling boxed wrath. In reality, I was a WoW addict for just short of two years. WoTLK could very well suck me back in if I'm not careful/addicted to something else of equal potence.



I'll definitely be buying the CE since I've played the beta & found quite a lot of joy in the questing, storyline & gear.


Libera te ex infernis!



I don't play WOW.  I will be getting Guild Wars 2 though.



Warcraft was only fun for me for two reasons: The nigh unlimited kinds of maps you can make and two the plot was amazing. Good ui set up too.

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