WoW Tests out Microtransactions, Sells Virtual Pets for Real Money



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Considering how many people are playing the game they should definitely be selling objects in the game. I'm surprised they haven't jumped on the wow porn sites them selves with as big of a following that they have.



you would think making millions each month they would make both pets charity pets instead of being greedy, but that's just me.



Overall Blizzard is making it happen.  Yes I laugh at the idea of buying a pet, as I don't even pursue them in game.  However, there are many out there that will find it nostalgic and /cheer ("for the horde") to them.  Different strokes for different folks.  It makes about as much sense as people acting crazy over athletes trying to put a rubber ball in a hoop.



I can understand why people might be upset if these were game-changing items. But, they are not, they are simply vanity items. Besides, Blizzard has already tested the waters of RMT services and products. Look at eBay for the WoW Trading Card Game loot cards. Or, check out the paid services like name and race changes.

As for the future, I doubt that Blizzard will ever offer RMT items that will become game changing. It just doesn't fit their design philosophy. They prefer to provide the best possible experience to every possible player/customer.

Here's a possible list of other RMT items they could offer:


  1. Vanity Gear (Clothing, "Weapons", Tabbards)
  2. Mounts, at a premium.
  3. XP Bonuses (although, not very likely, considering how easy it is to level)
  4. Vanity Items like the fishing chair ( or (

I don't ever see them adding characters or items to that list. They want you to grind your way though 80 (soon to be 85) levels. Why? Time, the longer you play, the more subscription money they get. The best possible items in the game often take weeks (if not longer) to obtain. Here's a shocker, Blizzard actually wants you to PLAY the game...and enjoy it too. So, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Personally, I wish they'd donate a portion of proceeds for all future RMT items to charities. Maybe, run a poll on the forums every month and let the players choose which charity gets the money that month. (Although, I'm sure somebody will bitch about donating to a charity too....)




True, vanity gear is still just vanity gear but the $10 is a slap in the face.

Think about it, if there are 10 million players and each one bought it (yeah I know that wont ever happen) then that would equal $100,000,000. Some guy took maybe a week tops to create that digital item from scratch. Is that act worth potentially more than any third world countries can even dream of and especially with the econemy the way it is right now?

Generally, companies only charge $1 or so for an item such as that. However, Blizzard knows they can get more out of their addicted fans.

Truthfully, Blizzard is no better than tobacco companies at the moment. They are just banking on their communities addiction.



I fail to see anything wrong with this.  Its not like they are twisting your arm.  They are simply putting a product out there and seeing who bites.

 It'd be a different issue entirely if the were selling epic weapons you couldn't get any other way.



I bought the Monk as soon as I saw half would go to the Make-a-Wish foundation of which I am a big supporter.

 Blizzard has stated that, like the trading card game items you can get for buy packs of cards, these items that you can buy are for fun only and will not benefit the player in any way gameplay wise.  If Lil' K.T. gets half of his sent to charity then I'll by him as well other wise I won't.  Now if a mount comes to the store....I'll probably have to by those.  80'some just isn't enough :)

 And he does a couple of cool Kung Fu moves when we are standing around.  and will also /bow to anyone who /bow's to him.



Hurray - the pets look cool but thats about it. Who would bother buying a pet which is just an animation running next to you? maybe for a dollar but ten dollars is just stupid...

The only place I see this in is private servers - I'm guessing thats where they get this from...

The monthly fee is enough as it is - as well as the other paid "Services"...

 I hope Blizzard fails at tis one - or at least implements a better strategy - I might just consider buying a combat pet - but maybe for less... anyway - it's JUST an ingame item


And if I did get one - I would get Lil' K.T. 




Really?  You know how much trouble it was to get certain pets in game?  Hell, 10bucks and you don't have to waste hours of grinding or wading through instance upon instance hoping it drops and then your lucky enough to get it?

I'm sure many people will be willing to drop 10 bucks here.  Hell these guys actually do stuff where the others just were badges if determination.




I don't know if I would consider 2/3 of the price you already pay per month to be a "micro" transaction. Not to mention these items in no way benefit you in game, they are just little pets that follow you around and look cute. Sadly, the WoW community seems to be infatuated with pets, they always have been, and im sure there will be thousands of kids lined up with their parents credit cards so they can be the first person in their guild to own one. I don't mind a monthly fee, but when companies starting charging for in game items, I draw the line.



I would feel much better if both of the pets were for charity donations, but sadly I think this is the beginning of a transition to micro-transactions for more in game items.

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