WoW Loses Subscribers, Reports Spread FUD



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It's an awesome game, but it's just old. I played it for 5+ years and the last year or so was mostly casual play. They did a good job with Cataclysm adding some fun elements and new leveling system but in the end it's just the same old stuff.



yes well they just turned it into a Pokemon. Meanwhile, EQ2 is letting you design you own dungeons.



Maybe people are finally getting past the license and realizing the game sucks


Red Ensign

Brad, you really should specify that WoW is the largest US based MMO. We all know, or should know by now, that there are Asian MMOs both paid and F2P that have double or triple the sub numbers as WoW.

It should also be pointed out that your mention of Blizzard's (really Activision's) stock hitting it's yearly high is due largely due to another Activision title, which has nothing to do with WoW, launching this week. Any financial advisor should be able to easily explain that the stock price increase has nothing to do with WoW. Normally your articles are quite informative but just as you claim FUD with the Reuters report, the same can be claimed about your assumptions.



Lol?? Name any mmo that is larger then wow.. Just try to name one


If your combining a bunch of Asian mmo's and comparing it to WoW then maybe i'd believe that crap coming out of your mouth but yea



I'm just glad I never got in to it. MMOs aren't my thing. I have no problem paying for a good game. I do have a problem with paying for that same game every month that really has no ending to it.



I guess we'll have to wait and see, but right now they're at 1 million subs lost every 6 months for the past year.  And the impression we got at Blizzcon when they announced the WoW Annual Pass with the free copy of Diablo 3 and guaranteed beta access for the next WoW xpac was that Blizz was worried and desparate to get people back playing WoW



People always start to burn out around these times plus with 4.3 coming and all the MoP news that just hit alot are taking little breaks.. Myself included.. 4.3 will hit and a bunch will come back then when MoP hits even more will return so the numbers will be back up plus more.



I'm not sure the words 'worried' and 'desperate' can accuratley be applied to Blizzard now, or ever before. I'm no fanboi, I don't play WoW and I don't think I"ll play Diablo III either, but give me a break. Blizzard was desperate? ha.

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