Worldwide PC Market is Growing on the Strength of Netbooks



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The net book is not a fad.  In fact it was a brainchild of Mary Lou Jepsen in 2005; her dream was to help children in developing countries.  In their pursuit of education, with an inexpensive laptop that can be used to search the web, do basic academic tasks and be highly durable.  Additionally Mary Lou Jepsen goals where that this device had to consume little power, be light weight, tolerate various power sources, have little to no moving parts, and stand up to harsh climates. One of the major hurdles has not been satisfied which is the price not to exceed $100 per unit.  Being a user of the current netbook there is much room for improvement.  My first was an Acer was cheaply made, had grounding issues and battery life less than an hour half.  The second was the Asus 1000HD with 4 hours battery life was superior to the Acer for the same price.  However the Asus has its discrepancies also. Top portion of the keyboard became loose and seems to be attached by adhesive, then sound quality fell to pop crackle at low volume. My biggest beef I have to pay for the shipping to get these errors repaired. I believe is unfair.  I've only had this unit less than 10 days.  I purchased these netbooks for the above mentioned reasons. Next I hope the Lenovo s10 will prove to be a better product. To find out the inception of this great product idea read WIRED MAGAZINE: ISSUE 17.03

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Mobility has been central to computing since its inception. Students around the world all utilize notebooks even if they're plugged-in and stationary 99.9% of the time. I just started a job, and instead of a trusty, cosst-effective desktop, I've got a docked laptop. The speed of mobile computing as too-closely tracked that of desktops to make the productivity sacrifice to gain portability a significant one, so why not buy a laptop? Heck, as a gamer I even use my Lenovo T60p 60% of the time over my handbuilt desktop rig... (have to do something while I'm at the GFs...)



If anything, I bet the market for these devices becomes larger and more diverse.  I've held off, watching for one of the superpowers to come in and bring something far and away better than the rest.
I don't believe that's happened yet, unless I missed something big - even with Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus, MSI, and Acer (plus others, of course), no one has built something that simply crushes the competition.
Maybe I'll have to settle for something that's already out there?

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