World's First Remote Heart Operation a Success



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J Frank Parnell explains radiation from x rays.


Keith E. Whisman

Isn't that the same operating room where they built Steve Austin the Bionic Man? The Six Million Dollar Man? Sure does look like it. And really for what they got out of Steve Austin Six Million Dollars was pretty cheap. 


Peanut Fox

Everything is fine sir.  I'll be one hundred percent safe behind this lead wall.  You can breath easier knowing that I'm okay.  You ready?



Instead of the doctor getting 250 xrays a day, because its his job, now he gets none.  You would have to take a few thousand xrays for it to do anything.




1) The patient (Hopefully) will undergo the proceedure once, and be exposed to the radiation once. The surgeon may need to do the proceedure many many times during their career, and thus be exposed many many times.

2) Do you save the patient today, with the possibility that a side effect from the process might make them sick later. Or do you let the patient have guarenteed health problems by avoiding the proceedure, based on what might happend as a side effect.

Also, I'm sure the patient must have the risks explained, and sign a waver.

It's amazing any-which-way to see a delicate proceedure like this being done remotely. This can/will open the door for surgeons being able to offer their skills over vast distances. With the right equipment, geography no longer matters. Amazing.



The concept is amazing however can you imagine the bills and health coverage changes?

You will probably end up having to pay for all the standard services as if the procedure was performed locally but add on the enormous cost of the equipment and probably additional fees because technically two hospitals are working to save your life.

I would think that because of the cost, not every hospital would have a machine like this. At best probably two per state so travel expenses would still be incurred. 

The best part is technically you are paying a doctor to play a video game.



I think the good old fashion saw is stil going to be predominat but think of it, if a doctor is better qualified somewhere else then the hospital just rings him/her up and they get to work withou delay.



"the surgeon was isolated from dangerous levels of radiation from the more than 250 X-rays to monitor the location of the probe for up to eight hours."

I guess we're to assume the patient is properly guarded except for the area of the surgery? Even so, it seems the area being observed would be exposed to the 'dangerous' levels of radiation. Could we see potential side effects down the line? Particularly from younger patients? Just a thought.



Yea, that line had me thinking the same thing...


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