World Wide Web Inventor Joins Twitter



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Man that kick Fb in the BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Al said it himself during a debate. He invented the internet. As for global warming, if cows create methane, then what does he create jet setting around in his plane?



Suttle is peer crap, no expansion, low wattage power supply; which means no decent video cards, if you choose not

to use onboard, and whats up? ATI 3000; Horse crap!!! no BIOS updates from shuttle site, maybe this one, but mind NO.

Been there done it with Shuttle, never again will I purchase their products! Headaces big time... 

Shuttle designs the same crap for years now; stay very clear of them people, or you will be very sorry, what more do I

need to say... Hell the AMD Chip is better than what you put  it into, a little shit box. Excuse my French,

but the truth hurts sometimes and in this case (CASE) Yeah!!! You can do much more with 318 bucks!!!

I'm out, later folks and grate computing all!!! BRING BACK THE DOG! MAX PC... THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE WHY!!!

This Comment is Meant for the Shuttle AMD Bundle from New Egg via Ling from Max PC sorry folks it's here, tryed copy

paste to other no go, Later...



Dude, vent your fanboy steam somewhere else, like maybe in the right thread or in a porta-potty.



No, Al Gore created Global Warming

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