World of Warcraft Waved Goodbye to 1.3 Million Subscribers Last Quarter



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Honestly starting to feel like more work than play. There are things happening in the game now that make the devs seem desperate, hiding valor gear behind reputation that is hard to get due to troves of dailies and relentlessly difficult LFR's with extremely low drop rates.

Honestly the ploys to get people to play longer are unnecessary at this point in the game, by now if people were going to stop playing they would of.

I see it as blizz forcing people to drop their subs, leveling sucks, and it is really hard to have alts if you want to gear them well.

Other than that pandaria is a blast.

There are things that would help them.

Bring back the old talent system, this one makes us feel like blizzard thinks we are stupid.

Make the game more alt friendly. Maybe bonus xp if you already have a max lvl toon.

Add more dungeons with epic loot like in wrath, scenarios are stupid and people only do them for the guild reward.

Stop changing PvP so much, its unnecessary to listen to the crying.

Give vanity items/mounts to people who keep their account active for 6months or more.



I am a pro on this game. Since I discovered I can make endless gold with special techniques and my leveling is skyrocketed!!!!!!



Well I guess 1.3 million people finally got a life...




I quit WoW during vanilla but referring to comments about Panda's...

You guys remember that Fat, drunk, Asian, Panda guy from Warcraft 3?

I'm just saying, they didn't borrow from fads, they simply used existing Warcraft lore.

Some of you guys may be a bit too young, but most of us started playing Warcraft before it was it's own world.



Yeah pretty much they use existing lore and expand upon it. This expansion has actually been the best I played and really enjoy the gameplay & story elements. I am fascinated by the darkness of the Sha, and glad to see the coming together of the Zandalari tribes.



Good points both of you, however...

1. Timing. Nearly EVERYTHING in MoP was too "Kung-Fu Panda-ish". Had MoP been released earlier, that would not be a problem. I felt that the releases should have been: LK, MoP, Cata, BC. They really shot themselves in the foot with patch 1.11 and then going, "Hey I know this is a huge setup to get closure from WC3, but guess what! We're going in a completely different direction! YAY!" And then redoing the events for Naxx.

Final thought: Really a guy that was around for a few missions in WC3:FT really doesn't count as established lore.

2. The dumbing down of the game really ruined it. I miss my 40 man runs. The new talent system just turned me away more than the panda thing. Not even having to go back to a town to train was also annoying.

3. Leveling is still broken when compared to crafting. In Vanilla, BC, and maybe LK, leveling and crafting leveled up at relatively the same rate, meaning, while grinding out levels, I could have a new set of gear ready to put on when I hit that new level. Now it isn't even worth it to do a profession until end game and grind it out. Worse yet when grinding out a gathering profession.

4. Difficulty. I cheered when the BC tanking buff came out. It became a bit easier to tank. I was left confused when the AoE tanking for LK arrived, then later cringed in end game when the skill level of players dropped by a large margin. I cheered Cata because it was supposed to be a return to CC, priority tanking/dps, and instant punishment for not watching threat and screwing up.....then the giant nerf hammer came and turned it into a slightly toned down version of LK AoE tanking.

Also I'm still sore that other mana users have virtually unlimited mana and/or mana regen abilities that will keep them well off for a 10 min fight and healers are the only ones that have to watch their resources.



I installed it for the first time today. I was shocked at how dated the graphics are. People bitch about the lack of games without DirectX 10 or 11 support. This thing looks like it was developed for Glide! I don't believe graphics are everything, but I just couldn't get over it in this case. EVE Online has managed to constantly improve their graphics over time without alienating any part of their user base. I don't know how WoW was allowed to get into this state with the resources Blizzard must have. I thought WoW was a big PC gaming success story. After seeing it I'm almost ashamed of it!



Two main issues of many that have contributed towards the game going downhill...

1. When people can purchase items much like cash instead of needing to earn gold or earn trades.

2. That at one time Blizzard was seriously considering bringing the game to at least one gaming console; since placed on hold. If they still would have plans for a console it would spell a massive upswing in popularity of the game



Explain what you mean by "When people can purchase items much like cash instead of needing to earn gold or earn trades." I don't follow you on that point. Unless you are "buying" gold and items from websites which is a clear violation of the terms and conditions of the game, you do indeed have to earn everything you get in some shape, form, or fashion.

As for a console port, I think it would be interesting. Consoles don't lend themselves to games that are better suited being played with mouse and keyboard. I couldn't imagine playing an MMO like RIFT or WoW with nothing more than a controller. I just don't see how it would be feasible.



What I think he is referring to is that you can go to the Blizzard store and purchase certain mounts and pets for real world cash. I don't mind that so much as I do the asking price. When an expansion pack is $25 and then you go to the store and a mount (just the mount) is $25, something is wrong.

Grinding for gold still blows.

I started playing just before LK came out. I actually liked those raids and dungeons, the expansion in general. I am however sick and tired of dealing with trolls and their kin. Didn't I drive them to the brink of extinction before MoP? Just saying in getting to Loremaster, I've killed A LOT of trolls (my least favorite race).

Certain items are bs to craft and waaaaay to expensive.

Wish Blizzard would consolidate servers. Onxiya is dead quiet.



They just need to add teddy bears, or hamsters. Maybe get a license to use Ewoks?



World of Warcraft's greatest enemy is going to ultimately become itself...

What it will ultimately boil down to is not that some other MMO game is going to out-class it, and blow it off the map by "being more WOW than WOW", the final burden placed upon the game that it will not be able to continue to bare is that its age and sheer exposure will simply be so obvious that all that wanted to play it will have played it, and those that aren't interested won't.

This isn't to say it's just going to evaporate, far from it, many MMO games that are much older are still kicking and even GROWING to this very day, and WOW likely has many many years left in it, albeit in a much reduced form from its peak.

There is little point in denying that it was actually on the down slope even before "WOW: Playschool Edition" came out, and when the panda-expansion did come out a upswing occurred in the game population, but as with any upswing there is another inevitable downswing.

WOW isn't dead, it's not even particularly hurt... It's simply the natural order of games in ANY genre... There will always be diehard fans of a given game that come back many years later to pick up an old favorite, and there are others who play a game for a while until they get all the fun they can get from it, and then retire it in one way or another.

At the end of a very long road ahead, I think that's what will really be the finale for World of Warcraft...



Bet that took a while to craft. And it's bear, not bare. Albeit.



What was the point in that? I've read enough of your posts to know that it wouldn't be too hard to catch you in a spelling mistake.



I enjoyed that game for maybe 1/2 hour then uninstalled. I was more interested in EQ2 at the time which was amazing it still is amazing.
Everquest Next is going to be shown off this year can't wait I hope it doesn't toally look like Planetside 2 though =)



Well, if you read the Blizzard report, you would find a majority of the losses come from Asia. Seeing how easy it is to make gold now, gold farmers are on the decline, and have moved on to some other game to infect. Yes, WoW is getting pretty long in the tooth, but still find it fun to play with friends.



That about sums up where they went Buckock. And regardless of what anyone else says, it's still the highest subscribed MMORPG on the market. Blizzard must be doing something right. I also wonder what percentage of that loss were people coming out from under the "contract" plan that got them Diablo 3 for free.



I thought about going back to wow and see if I still got it. I was the most successful PvP warlock on my side of the server after all. I wanted to bring my girl friend to the world when I realized that she has to buy the original game and four explanations to have the full game, not to mention paying the subscription every month after. Blizzard is losing subscribers? They sure don't make it easy to gain new ones, I don't like to be nickel and dimed and utterly ripped off to play a 9 year old game.

(the three first expansions are useless and not worth the money because they are now merely leveling zones and nothing more. The action is in the last expansion because that's where 99% of players are.)



It doesn't cost much to get in the game now. If you get the base game, you get up to WOTLK, then just need to buy Cataclysm & MoP. Often duruing holidays you can get crazy deals, like at christmas you could get the Battle Chest (vanilla/BC/WOTLK) for 5, Cata for 10, and MoP for 20, so costing 35 for the full thing. If someone sends you a scroll of ressurection for coming back, you will get a free level 80. If you do recruit a friend with your gf, when you two team up you will get triple EXP. It's also a lot easier to level now as it is. The game is a lot better now than it was in years past. There are big PVP changes coming next patch with everyone getting a base resilience of 60% and PVP gear focusing on PVP power now.



I'm not surprised. Blizzard's formula with WOW has always remained the same. Couple that with hijacking off of other fads all the time (Kung Fu Panda, Plants vs. Zombie, to name a few) and you get a game that gets boring fast. Blizzard needs to do something unique and Blizzardish.

I often think about Lord of the Rings Online and how it may suffer a similar issue. It is looking at 4-6 years to complete the story and I am not sure that there will be enough player loyalty or draw to the game.

MMOs are like research projects. Blizzard is the team of scientists, subscribers are the backers, and backers tend to bow out if the scientists aren't producing anything new.


The Valar

Does not surprise me.
When they started to tweak the game to level up faster they were setting the game up to burn out faster...

Classic RPG paper and pencil games were best when the higher levels were hardest thing to see, not just a week delay...

And the game is constantly hacked.
Passwords stolen, and the whole log in system is a joke.

People got tired of the game full of fail.

For the serious Role-players we are still waiting for something beyond Kindergarten for gaming on the PC.



Its funny you say "Kindergarten for gaming on the PC" as WoW will forever be the standard that many companies will try to measure up to. Then you will see a ton of posts "Its good, but not as good as WoW was....."



I just think the whole MMO thing is passe, at least how we know it.
Next big thing could be something mobile. Less and less homes have a dedicated PC in the house. Everybody will use their phone/tablet for most things, and the next 'big MMO' (if there's one) will probably be there.
Of course, if Blizzard announces a new MMO it'll be huge... but probably for not even a year.



"I just think the whole MMO thing is passe, at least how we know it."

That sums it up for me. Nothing amazingly new is being done. I'm even cancelling my EVE Online subscription because I'm simply burnt out.


Peanut Fox

They have announced a new one. It's working under the name Titan, and little is known about it.



I would think that people are ready for the next big thing after 9 years just adding too. It's prob about time for a complete refresh with a different type of game.



I agree.

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