World of Warcraft Consumes 11 Million People



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blizzard: "im in ur pc'z stealin ur playerz!!!"



That's a lot of Orcs.




WOW....I think they are definitely cheating with their claim of "11 million subscribers". I hope Blizzard gets dominated by Old Republic because I am sick and tired of people claiming that WoW is the best game ever. It is time to move on to a new and improved MMO and I really hope it is Old Republic because...well...Star Wars rules!



How are they cheating? Active-subs and pre-paid game card holders are the bulk of your players... they include people who bought the game but aren't past their first 30 days... but those people won't be there next month... so where's the cheat?

Go on then, there are other worlds than these!



I guess that depends on what you consider cheating. Either way, they have more subscribers than your game by at least 10x, no matter who you are.

I am with you on one thing though, I'd love to see some competition worth playing. I'm an avid WoW fan, but I'd love a good Star Wars MMO (SWG does not count as one). I'd also be open to Stargate or Star Trek. Anything in the stars really (I'm getting tired of all the fantasy, let's have some Sci-Fi). Here's the thing though: I've spent a lot of time learning everything there is to know about WoW. From tactics to mechanics to maps, I've invested a lot of time in it. It's going to take a hell of a game to make me give up that investment.

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