World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Shatters Record for Fastest-Selling PC Game Ever



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Red Ensign

 The 3.3 million actually sounds right for the NA and UK market numbers.  The Chinese (estimated 4-5 million players who don't pay subs) just got Wrath in August I think so they won't be getting this one soon.  



While, this numbers (3.3mil in 24hr) sounds low to me considering the 12 mil+ subscribers WoW has, I previously read that Modern Warfare 2 broke all sales records with 4.7 mil in the first 24 hrs. ?  Who is the real king ???

Sry, didnt notice the "PC" qualification.  I guess WoW does win in that regards, lets just hope it doesnt reach the consoles! ;)



Who is the king?  Let's do the math.  3.3 million in just the first 24 hours x's avg $50 = $165,000,000.  Again, in just the first 24 hours.  Monthly subscription fee.  $14.95 x's the 12 mill plus subscribers = $179,400,000.  $344,400,000 not including the new pets for sale for $10 each or the other people who bought the expansion after that initial 24 hours.  So who is the king?  I'd say Blizzard ftw! with another 180 mill each month, due to the fact that people will continue to play the game, unlike MW2 that is shelved after a month at best.  But thanks for playing =().



Considering MW2 came out on five other consoles...


Plus he says in the article fastest-selling PC game of all time.”


SWTOR will be next... but not until next year.  You can have the record for now Blizzard.



While I have no doubt that SWTOR is going to be a great game and consume a ridiculously unjustifiable amount of my free time, I don't see it breaking any records. The Star Wars genra doesn't have the same widespread appeal that World of Warcraft does. WoW is simply in a class of it's own "everyone" wants to play it and the kicker is that everyone can play it EASILY.

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