Woman Seeks Class Action Suit Against Facebook for Allegedly Violating Wiretap Law



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This article reminds me of a quote: "If you are not paying for a service, you are not the customer". 

I wonder why the world's elite are so quick to throw billions at Facebook. Is it for their continued benefit or for yours? I wonder how they'll put all that information to use. To develope new and innovating solutions to help solve global problems? Or is Farmville all they have to offer?

You ever do any research to see how Chocolate is made? Slave children in Africa harvest the coco beans. The reason I bring this up is that companies like FB, Nestle etc compete in a global market, but there is nobody governing them. They're just free to exploint different regions as they see fit. 


Holly Golightly

...And this where capitalism becomes a broken regime. Billionaires do not care about our inalienable rights. They will continue to track us in every way possible. Capitalism encourages fragmentation because, well... Let's face it, the corporations run the government with the almighty dollar. Money is the root of all evil. Advertisers want to know what you do, and they will pay social networks to spill out our very private life for a few dollars and cents. Money is the root of all evil. It is how slavery began, and it is how Nazi Germany ran. Until some change occurs, the multinational corporations will be untouchable. Of course, we have to do away with capitalism in the first place. We need a revolution.

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