Woman Blames Job Loss on iPhone Glitch



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This is a perfect example of this generation's over developed sense of entitlement.  She loses her job because of her own stupidity; and it must be someone else's fault.  This "letter" is nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt to stroke her fragile ego.  I'm truly sorry for her predicament; but actions have consequences.  Grow up.



"To all the people who said she was stupid for depending only on her cell phone's alarm, why should she expect her phone's alarm not to work? "

Well then good for you. I can't tell you the number of times my phone died, I accidentally had the sound turned off, had the sound turned down too low, etc. Once I left my phone in another room and never heard it. Could be I'm just stupid and forgetful but we all have our moments. Now I can't say any of these things ever happened with a standard alarm clock.



BTW, how come you aren't at CES? 0_o



You know, I was planning to go, and was looking forward to it (it's been a few years since I last attended), but the timing was just a little wonky this year. I just got back from a Christmas break vacation, and other obligations would have cut my trip too short to justify going.

-Paul Lilly



To all the people who said she was stupid for depending only on her cell phone's alarm, why should she expect her phone's alarm not to work? 

I have a Nokia Nuron which I use to wake me up.  I have used the alarm since the day I got the phone to wake me up to go to work and it has never failed me.  Should I expect sooner or later that the phone is going to fail and not wake me up?  I don't think so and neither should Lindsay Garvey especially when an iPhone retails for about $600 bucks.  I have expectations that a $600 dollar device should work properly or I'm not buying the damn thing.

Also, some of us in this world have to work crazy hours.  I myself am an A/V technician and during the busy season, I frequently have to work 12 hour days with crazy turn around times such as getting off at 2am and having to be back at 6am to work another 12 hour day. 



Bu11.  Sh1t.

Likelihood of her being fired over simply being tardy one time due to her iPhone?  probably around 0.  Sounds like they were looking for a reason to get rid of her, or she was already on her last straw.

That will teach her to own an iPhone.



My understanding of this is that this broad worked the New Year's Eve shift, into the wee hours of the morning, and that she then went home to catch about 5 hours of sleep to then return to work another shift.

It seems like this was a highly unusual situation for her (coming damn close to working a double-shift).

It sucks that her iPhone had some lame-assed glitch.  It sucks that she lost her job.

It really sucks that she was sutpid enough to put blind trust into just one cell phone with no backup.  Battery powered alarm clocks are dirt cheap.  If I need to get up at, say, 2:30am (something I NEVER do), I'm not depending on just ONE alarm to wake my fat hibernating ass up..



If anyone is using strictly a phone to wake them up then they're dumb, unless you can remember 100% of the time to plug it in when the battery is getting low. We're all human and I've already wondered why my phone didn't go off just to find out that the battery died in the middle of the night. Luckily it's just a backup alarm I set to make me get out of bed to turn it off.

Like they already said, she must've been tardy before because I don't know anyone that would get let go just by being late one day. What if she was using a normal alarm clock but her power went out? I bet she would've been let go anyway so don't blame it on the phone.



"Unfortunately, [Garvey's] tardiness on New Year's Day was not an isolated incident" That means that shes been late a bunch of times and her boss had already decided to fire her the next time it happened.  She was fired for a pattern of behavior not because she overslept one day.



This exactly.



My thoughts exactly



x2; Usually employers don't fire employees on being late once, unless they don't just show up. It happens. She must've been late TOO MANY times. She should rely on an alarm clock, not a handheld device to wake her up. You know, if she insists on waking up to music or pleasant sounds instead of a blaring air-hornesque sound with the cheap $10 alarm clocks, she could get an alarm clock that allows you to put an SD card full of music inside. But, her new excuse would be, "I forgot to put my SD card--that had music on it to wake me up--inside my alarm clock!"

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