Wolfenstein Has a Very Strange Money-Back Guarantee



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It's actually not a bad marketing strategy. It drums up interest, and there will certainly be enough crack heads out there that will buy wolf with the hopes that it outsells one of the most popular games of all time. Free advertisement and increased sales. What more could you ask for?

 By the way, I'm starting a fund for my son's college expenses and am only asking that everyone donate $1. Should the donations exceed the amount of tuition taken in by the university - I will refund every dollar I receive! What are you waiting for!?  =D



Madden, play the same crap every year for 60 dollars,


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Advanced no-innovation-AI
  • Very Slight last year *almost* graphic upgrade
  • Same crap as last years madden
  • YOU ARE playing a video game about a sport in which someone is actually playing the sport
  • you feel as though you have some athletic ability
  • When its done, you almost sort-of had a workout




very interesting technique.  It could work like a magnet, just like how cell phone providers let you call other people on the same network for free.

Could I buy all 10 million copies, get all my money back, and then resell all my stock for dirt cheap and make an enormous profit?  hmmm...



No, it's a one per customer deal iirc.



You bring up an excellent point.

The fact is, they probably already know how many units of Wolfenstein are being ordered by retailers and being shipped by the publisher.

They can then compare that to the units of Madden 10 being shipped (if they don't know the exact figure, they can estimate based on previous years).

So, this is probably an empty statement. And like someone here said, a way to get people to follow Ravensoft on twitter.



Madden will sell more in that month than Wolfenstein will for the entirety of its retail shelflife. This is just a stunt to get people to follow Ravensoft on twitter.



I'm sure his publisher is LOVING this idea

there is no way this is happening, even if it does outsell madden, he wont pay up.



The publisher is Activision, I`m pretty sure they don`t care that much. 


 They will have 5 new 'Hero' games out before the end of the year as well as a new Call of Duty, If Wolfenstein brings in an extra penny good, if not .... well I think Mr. Kottick will still find sleep.  




there's no way.....



I think people are missing the big picture. He basicly found a way to fight Piracy. Think about it...

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