Wolfenstein 3D Turns 20, iD Showers Gamers With Gratis Goodies



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And before THAT was Castle Wolfenstein, back when the Apple II was the premier personal computer gaming platform, (yes, there was such a time). It wasn't 3D, but then nothing was -- unless you count Akalabeth, and that's really pushing the definition of the term.

Crap, I think I forgot to take my Geritol this morning...



If this video has taught me anything it's that Carmack sucks at Wolfenstein =)

Honestly. It's like he was playing one-handed.




Playing one-handed is a time-honored tradition on the Internet...



Nice. I guess this gives me a chance to finally finish this old game.
Btw a few years ago id released a free to play version of Quake 3 that also plays in web browser. Check it out www.quakelive.com



"...we'd hoist a beer in your honor but that'll have to wait until next year."

Legal beer drinking age in Germany is 16. Blazkowics is way ahead of you.

As an aside, in Germany, Budweiser does not make the legal classification of beer, and Anheuser-Busch is legally prohibited from labeling or advertising it as beer. They are also legally prohibited to use the name "Budweiser".



That's one of the few rational things the once-respectable Germany still does, recognizing that Bud is not beer but rather urine by another name.

The swill that is Bud/Amstel/Miller/Guiness/etc kept me away from all beers for years. I hold them in contempt for putting out such a horrid product, almost as much as I revile Intel for releasing the Atom processor. That's a decent analogy, "Bud is to beer as Atom is to CPUs". ;)



I'd love to hear a similar commentary from the Valve folks behind Half-Life. In the same way that Wolfenstein changed the paradigm, so too did Half-Life. It'd be great to hear about the challenges, the trade-offs, etc.



There is also deals on Steam for those interested.
$1.24 for Wolfenstein 3D or
$3.75 for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.



Well, went to play it in CoolNovo, and it wouldn't go past the form to enter your birthdate, opened it in Waterfox and no problem entering my age.



Are you trying to create a problem? Any other obscure browsers you think you can try?
Why don't you use Chrome, or Firefox or IE for cryin out loud.

I'm a bit perplexed by your comment in the first place??? Are you trying to show off your epeen about less than popularly known browsers?
I don't get it.



CoolNovo was originally called ChromePlus, a Chromium-based browser.

Waterfox is just Firefox compiled with command line switches to be 64-bit, although I am of the mind that Pale Moon is the better of the two Firefox-based browsers.



Are you trying to troll?
Or is blather you middle name.
I don't get it.

More like he may be trying to inform some other that may be using that browser that it won't work. Try something else. Just a guess on my part.
Get that?

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