Without Funding, Pirate Bay Purchase Falls Through



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My friend did a research paper about TPB in college last year and he found some interesting stuff.  TPB was making around 75,000 dollars a month through ads.  They were having around 1000 hits a second.  And those numbers increased when there was a lot of press coverage about the trials.


I Jedi

Like there had really ever been any TRUE plans to continue TPB. Honestly, paying comapnies for lost profit and letting the end user get a free product. How does this business model work again. 'Cause I sure as hell don't know how. Ads, you say? Jeez, wonder how many ads would be needed just for ONE person downloading a copy of Photoshop.



 right cause Pirate Bay is nothing but ileagle file sharing and doesnt have one single ligitimate file on it


*rolls eyes*

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