Witcher 2 Surpasses 250,000 Paid Digital Downloads



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I remember the first game would have been amazing, if not for the bugs and clunky interface. Reviews kinda kept me away, but I thought they nearly remade it some time after the initial release. Or maybe it was a community patch of some sort?

Is this one buggy?



I just recently bought the first one, and I'm playing the Director's Cut Enhanced Version. So yeah, it was remade. It's supposed to have improved the game a lot.

I'm really enjoying it. It was obviously made only with the PC in mind, and you can't say that about most games these days. It is missing a lot the things I dislike about ports and modern games (such as heavy reliance on autosave, "safe" subject matter, and simple controls).



Witcher 2 2.0: Keyboard input lag! Example, moving with WASD has a 1 second lag with every input. Also, mouse lag in menus even when playing! I'm getting smooth frame rate performance, so this must be a game bug. I don't have these problems with other games on my system. Any fix for these?

BTW: I'm playing on "high" settings but same problem even if I set on "low".



Uh. . . doesn't Steam count as DRM?


Brad Chacos

True, very true, but I meant it more along the lines of "Supplying DRM-free games doesn't completely kill off all sales". Sales from GOG.com and retail copies don't have DRM, and it hasn't kept the game from selling. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough

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