Witcher 2 Dev: Namco Bandai DRM Comments Are “Nothing to Worry about”



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From what I remember though, the first Witcher when it was released had DRM. I don't believe it does anymore (or at least, there was a patch to remove it).




Sigh of relief? I don't see a single thing saying they WON'T include that invasive DRM. Just that nothing is decided yet, and CDProjekt doesn't like DRM. That doesn't mean the publisher won't demand it be included. CDProjekt doesn't have direct control over this as it's the publisher doing the distribution and if they require it to be included, CDProjekt doesn't have much of a choice unless they can somehow back out and go to a different publisher. But I kind of doubt that Namco Bandai doesn't have some contracts in place already giving them the distribution rights.

Here's hoping that Namco listens to the community feedback, but there's nothing to say they will.

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