Wish It Was Ours: Minecraft Nets Creator $350,000 in One Day



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God bless Penny Arcade. I plan on getting MC later this week, because I tried the game out when I read the comic and then the game was free when the server died.



I've been playing this game almost non-stop for about a week now. It is so addicting, even with a bunch of bugged features right now (i really want mine carts to work properly in multiplayer so badly). Some people are even starting to build computers that can actually store and handle memory and then display letters and numbers. One guy has built a 16-bit ALU by using the resources available in the game. He plans on building a fully functional (albeit slow) computer as he continues figuring out how to optimize the design.



i also bought the game after the server downtime. IMO, best $13 i've spent in a long while. I've got a few friends who play, one of which hosts the server, and we can make some of the craziest shizz. Some people spend way too much time on this game, for example, the host downloaded the RuneMod for our server. That is simply amazing. I think this game will end up somewhat like PowderToy did; an extremely realistic electrical engineering engine and physics engine.


EDIT: Me and a friend also calculated the total income for the game, and it came out to be something in the neighborhood of 3.2 million USD.



ME and my friends do the same thing. We have a giant pyramid on our server with multiple levels, an aqueduct that we are currently expanding, a Colosseum, as well as a maze of paths and tunnels to get you from one place to another. I also built a mine system that goes from sea level all the way down to the bottom of the map (leaving room for the possible glitches in the map creation system at the bottom) with floors that are going to be mined out completely to help get resources for other projects. As soon as mine carts and red stone are fully functional in multiplayer, this game will blow up.

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