Wireless Industry Study Says Bill Shock is Good for You



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People take the price point that is the cheapest and closest to what they are going to use.  All this really seems to say is there are not enough packages for people to choose from. .. If there are packages (a & b) and you are going to use more than a and less than b or (a<x<b)  it makes sense to choose a.  That would be planned overage.  Or if it is known by the consumer that they are going to incur and overage once or twice a year that does not make their annual cost meet or exceed the next tier package planned overage could be a good choice. 

-This Report provides strong evidence that consumers, especially those who repeatedly go into overages, are effectively creating their own price plans. –

This may be true but there is no way of knowing through the method taken.  The consumers were not polled their bills were looked at.  The only conclusion that can be safely made is for most the price points of the plans were correct.  However, for many the plans did not meet consumer needs.



Sorry double post



I'd far prefer a hard cutoff at overage time.  "to continue using your service, you must contact a customer service representative by pressing #whatever to purchase extra minutes".  selling minutes 100 at a time or 1000 at a time would provide options for those who still want to go over on occasion because it's the best option, while allowing the rest of us to make the decision as to whether or not to upgrade our plan or just do without for that one day.



Why is it bad for the government to force people to do things?


Because it is the government forcing people to do things.



Assuming you're talking about this story, what people are you talking about?



That's why I love my carrier. US Cellular already notifies me before we go over our minutes. They've done it for a long time. I just wish they could grow into being one of the larger carriers. But that's just for phone selection, they roam off of Verizon's network, so I'm pretty much covered. And most of their plans are national.



I stopped right after "a new study commissioned by the wireless industry". Do we really expect the outcome of such a study to be anything but ridiculous?



It is a sad day when a wireless company is convinced they are the Bringers of Consumer Choice and Economic Freedom.

Either that or they are attempting to redifine the word 'liar'



Neilson is right 19 times out of 20 This number 20

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