Wired Shows You How to Hackintosh a Netbook, Apple Gets Pissed



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lol sticking it to the man. apple thinks their the top dog. hackintosh is funny



 What happens when you have a bunch of loyalist fanatics running around worshipping a man who is the brains behind one of the single handed mostsought after OS's that have an equally shiny case that can now run on Intels?

Answer: A Hackintosh.

C'mon. Seriously, at least say why you're so pissed about the guy making a netbook hackingtosh?

I mean, 1 gb of RAM, 80-160 gb hardrive, small 8-13 inch screens on an Intel running at 1.66 GHZ?

Seems like the specs for many netbooks but is actually the specs for many a macbook aswell. It was only time before this would happen.

I say put it back up on Wired.






haha, one of the funniest headlines ive ever seen here.

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