WinMo 7 Rumor Train Rolls into the Station



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I have always like Windows Mobile and i am using version 5.0. I can do almost everything with the help of freeware so i never felt compelled to update to a newer device. The new devices are awesome like the HTC HD2.

I just hope MS gets it right this time around. The OS is good, and i believe that it can keep pace with everyone else. Their services are good, and what they have to offer get better and better. The problem is that they haven't integrated everything yet. I hope that Win Mo 7 will solve this issue since Win Mo users have been waiting for this version for a long time. I hope it has that wow factor that i would like to see and know that MS is capable of. the number 7 seems to be the magic number since windows 7 is a success for them.



Those specs look insane, but who knows. Maybe by 2011 that will be the norm.





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