Winklevoss Twins Throw in the Towel, Will Make Do with Paltry $65 Million Settlement



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they probably have another social media site in mind



not really, they wanted zuckerburg to make them a social media site and instead he made his own using his own code, not theirs but they are too stupid to realize that suing is a waste of time because they were never wronged in the first place.  Tells alot about Ivy league educaton doesn't it?  if daddy's got money, you'll be fine even if your IQ is on par with a head of cabbage like the twins' are.   i.m.o. they should've been given $1 million at the absolute most and if they kept bugging the courts, the amount would decrease by $100,000 for each instance of going to court to get more money and/or complain with their fake sob story. 

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