Wing Commander and Quake Artist Paul Steed Dies, Leaves Behind Controversial Legacy



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Keith E. Whisman

That video was funny as hell. RIP PAUL STEED. You know your cool when your initials are PS.



This guy should be what game developers want to be.

All the art developers/modelers I've met/encountered have been wimpy hipsters, paragons of the mac user/"artist" stereotype (man-sandals, hipster teas, yoga, whining about "feelings" and "fairness", etc). If there are others like this man, I have unfortunately not met them.

We need more modelers and industry guys like this, it's like he threw out the "pussification" that seems to come hand and hand with being artsy, keeping the artistic talent, and substituted Duke Nukem's personality in its place.

Seriously, why are most artists pussies, using the language of the video? This man stands with the select few artists who had balls, holding a place near those like Caravaggio in that Pantheon.

Now I also want to know how he died.



That's terrible. I hope the memorial college fund gets plenty of donations. It sucks for children to lose a father so early. (Not that college will bring him back, but his children could use a good opportunity at a decent life now more than ever.)

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