Windows XP, the Economics 101 Edition



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For Coporate Edition owners of Windows XP, relax, there is nothing to worry, as this is a version that gives you unlimited reinstalls of the O/S, so for you XP lovers out there (and me), we can all... er... some of us kick back and relax knowing we have XP for many years to come. 

There are many reasons to stick with XP too, for one, you get EAX. And who couldn't use better sound any day of the week? Another? Stability. Since Jan. 08, I have reinstalled Vista on my 2nd machine 72 times (and counting), with no key. These installs are all because of O/S corruption (32 bit Vista, by the way.)



 If someone nneds their XP fix that bad there is always that "shady free sourcss" option available, wink win.


Anything's Hot Swappable if you're fast enough...

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