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Ross Snowden

I get this message when I try to view the list:


The Windows Logo'd Products List is currently only compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and above.
We apologize for the inconvenience. 


So, I guess by default, Firefox isn't on the compatibility list ;-)



Well, I haven't actually looked at the list yet to see how accurate/complete it is (I plan on it, though).  At least from reading the article, it seems like it should be an excellent idea and I think the paradigm MS has set up will work pretty well (if you look at their KB and whatnot, it's actually pretty clear that MS is pretty damned good at assimilating info along these lines).  My only question is what the hell took so long for this.  They SHOULD have thought to do this, oh, I dunno...  Back when 50% (an imaginary, and likely exaggerated figure) of what people were using didn't work with Vista?  Back when I first installed I found I lost a lot of apps or was stuck running them in compatibility mode or any other number of stupid workarounds.  This list would have been so useful then.  Oh well...  I guess they are doing this in anticipation of the fact that by axing new sales of XP they are going to have another stream of new Vista adopters coming in?  I dunno.  Great idea, just...  Seems a little late to me.



You get no argument from me about the lateness of this information. And it's not as if big changes haven't happened before. I remember when Win95 replaced Win3.1 - Redmond had application compatibility lists right away. This site should have been up from Day 1 - along with the option to request updates for specified hardware (an option this site doesn't offer).

You may be right about the timing of this (picking up on the second wave of Vista adopters), but even if it's late, it does reflect that Microsoft realizes it must work harder to satisfy customers. Thanks for your comments!


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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