Windows Updates WGA Notifications for XP Pro



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I hate when MS plays the victim. I doubt they're losing one red cent once you add in all the licenses that businesses are
forced to buy, but never use. The last rollout I did, we installed a Ghost image of Windows XP on all the new PCs. Two-hundred O.E.M. copies of Windows Vista were simply thrown out and they
were never even used once. This is not unusual. It is common practice in the majority
of companies I have worked for. If just one company was throwing out two-hundred
O.E.M. copies of Windows every time they opened a new location, imagine
how many copies must have been thrown out nationwide for all companies.



DELETE. I finally got my comment through the SPAM Filter. Still don't know why it was repeatedly blocked.



Well this is pretty funny, I guess this is M$ approach to get even with people world wide who prefer xp than vista.

An OS that has so many holes, and with birth defects shouldn't cost more than 50 bucks at all for a full version. Some would argue we shouldn't even pay for a defective product, but my view would be we pay to get later hotfix and service packs.

We as consumers need to remember, we are their "parents" we provide their food on the table and their cloths to wear.



here goes MS with another failed attempt. Although it might stop the unknowledgable user, it doesnt take much to find a working workaround. Its a game Microsoft can't win at, they will always get checkmated by the determined



Nunc est bibendum!

I wonder how many minutes it'll be before the hackers overcome this latest stupidity, while in the meantime legitimate users encounter problems. Oh, wait, I'd bet they already have.

Anti-piracy measures do nothing to stop piracy, they just make it inconvenient for paying customers. Even though I've got legit Windows (OEM, came with the laptop) I've begun the switch to Ubuntu (running dual-boot, and going to the Windows side ever less frequently as I learn Ubuntu). Micro$haft will never get my money again.



Why can't M$ just validate my software once, at time of install, and then be done with it??  What is repeated checking supposed to catch once it's a valid install?  It's not like my copy could lose its legitimacy over the course of time. 

I had an easier time keeping them off my back when I was running a pirated copy of XP several years ago than I do now with my legit copies.



So.  What if I just prefer not to be constantly running an extra MS app, 100% of the time on my legally licensed copy? 

I've already been leveraged into turning "automatic updates," on, because of the bug that prevented SP2 and SP3 from installing (even after waiting 3 hours for d/L).  [It's turned off, again --as it should be.]

The growing list of programs that are "incompatible," with XP just plain pisses me off. 

Much like the Kubuntu Linux LiveCD which I bought, having a copyright on the disk --even though I'm supposed to be able to copy & distribute the opensource material, so that my ROM burning software refused to copy it.

Airport Sercurity is less paranoid than these software guys.  I can believe that there are 100s of guys out there, stealing from them as fast as they can. 

The question is, how many customers is it reasonable for them to give the "anal probe" to, in finding those guys??

Oh, and is there ever going to be a benefit for the legal customers, to make up for all the garbage?  If there's NO priracy, this time 2010, does the price of all MS software drop by 30%??



So how long before we start hearing about WGA messing up and flagging legit installs?



So if the user has a pirated copy of XP, the background is black.  I'm not sure I see the deterence factor here.  If you leave the background black, does it still refresh it once an hour?  Unless it minimizes all windows when it does this I think I could live with a black background. 

 That being said, my copy of Ubuntu is running great.



persistent desktop notification... sounds like it will hurt the performance of the machine ...



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