Windows RT Devices to Initially Ship with Preview Version of Office



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I'm sure everyone will do what they always do when some radically different and new come out. Reject it and criticize till the cows come home. I've been using windows 8 rtm since its release and I have to say its brilliant. Everything is designed for efficiency and I can't believe how much improved the data management is. I have no doubt that windows 8 will bomb because people don't like to learn new things, but just like with windows vista and seven, windows 9 will release in the not too distant future when people finally accept the changes and it will be every bit as successful as windows 7.

If you don't believe me just look at the history of windows releases. Its all there.



I've been testing the RTM on some various levels of equipment at my job, touch enabled and not. Gotta say I was a bit put off at first but as with any new tech, it just took a little getting used to. I will say the new start screen isn't my go to on non-touch devices but that's easy enough to overcome and using the enterprise version with group policy this can be easily bypassed. On touch devices after a little use it feels much more natural than either iOS or Android, probably because I'm a Windows man first.

More importantly than the visible differences is how well dialed in the OS itself is. Incredibly fast boot and log in even on 6+ old equipment. Once you learn the new click zones and shortcuts its no more daunting than any other OS. After official release I will definitely be upgrading my home.

Come on tech people be a little more adventurous! At least I didn't get into this line of work expecting things to never change.



the thing is... why should I change Windows 7 just for the sake of change? There's literally nothing I care for in Windows 8, and plenty of things I do NOT care for.



I've been running Win 8 for 4 or 5 months now...

Personally I don't find the start screen very useful. I do like the more minimal, flatter (less transparency, less gradients, squarer) look of windows in desktop mode. The ribbon-explorer is useful at times (for example, it has a "Compressed Folders Utilities" tab when you select a zip file).

But I real reason I like it is for the very noticeable increase in performance across the board and the 5-10 second boot time. That alone makes it worth it to me.



I agree, everyone has different reasons to upgrade or not. For me simplifying the experience for my wife (non-techie) and breathing a little more life into old hardware (runs way better than 7 on older machines) are the 2 key reasons.



Not even if they included the full version for free. Will not use Windows 8, no matter how much you guys pimp it.

Come to think of it, this is just another advertisement. AWESOME! Sign me up!



Well, I guess this really proves the idea that MS never really finished with all of the Win8 stuff. Seriously, releasing a final product to market with a core feature in "preview" status? They could at least have called it the final version of office 2013 so the OS wouldn't look so unfinished having preview written all over the office apps.

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