Windows Rolls out Live Essentials



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this coudl be why windows 7 runs so much faster ;)



Please give us more things we already have tightly integrated and over the internet.


How about an upgrade to the capabilities to windows movie maker that would put it on par with iMovie from...5 years ago? Now that would be substantial.


"There's no time like the future."



Oh MS how can you sleep at night?  Gee golly whiz   ........Movie maker...lemme check real fast....oh yeah, that came with XP.  Oh, my bad, ALL of those Windows Live things came with XP, but now MS has named them sides are hurting, please stop joking MS, there are tears in my eyes.

I guess this COULD be construed as MS admitting that XP matter...I'm still a Windows fan, even MS has severly abused my faith in them....maybe Windows EIGHT will be decent  :/



If you don't mind being forced upgrading previously installed version to the new one when you try install something else, then sure, it's probably not a bad thing...

Having WLM and Photo Gallery installed, I've tried install only new Photo Gallery, but it wouldn't let me without upgrading to the idiotic looking new WLM. But the fun part was when I had "final" versions of  these both applications and tried install something else a beta version and the installer "upgraded" all my final versions to the new beta versions without letting me to choose if I wanted it to or not.

 Here is my question to the MS Live! developers: WHAT THE F. ARE YOU SMOKING THERE?



sounds like it sux

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