Windows Prez (Kind Of) Confirms A Windows 8 App Store



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 There are so many free or open source applications, there's no reason to pirate anything any more.  <a href="">porno</a> videolarida bu adresden bakabilirsiniz.



Code named 'steam', the with windows app store will feature games and apps, and will be somethign that people actually use in real life instead of just MS commercials



They kind of already did this and nobody cared. Remember Windows Marketplace? Ya you didn't buy anything there either did you? LOL



Yeah, I went ooohhhh, what's that? Then oh yeah, MS trying to extend thier revenue stream again. And never bothered checking it out again.

The biggest problem with any sort of Windows app store is that for all intents and purpose a PC comes already "jail broke". Getting applications for Windows is really easy. You all most always have a huge amount of choices. In fact other then games (curse you Steam) I haven't bought software for my computers in a long time. There are so many free or open source applications, there's no reason to pirate anything any more. But if you want to pay there are so many price points and assorted feature sets that it can take forever to decide.

iOS and Android have a fairly tightly controlled user experience. Well okay Apple is a iron fist, while Google is a velvet glove (surrounding an iron fist). So some sort of "app store" makes sense. It's the easiest way to find and use applications on your devices. I find it very similar to the way Linux distros supply applications, and it works for the same reasons. 

If MS had an app store in say Win95 or 98 it might of had a chance to grow. As it is they're going to be too liitle too late again. Kind of like their Games for Windows bit.


Holly Golightly

Oh, this is great news! I can't wait to see what kind of apps will be waiting for me when I get Windows 8!

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