Windows President Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft



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He left cause Windows 8 is a disaster. MS's corporate management style makes sure products get mangled and power plays count more than useful products. Take a look at XBox, which has the brand tacked onto everything else - music, movies, etc. A freakin' 7 year old hardware architecture, and it's name is trumpeted from the walls of MS HQ and the central point of so many new shortcuts on the new Win8 start screen. When you see a TV commercial for a console game, take notice of how you can see the logo at the top for PS3 and XBox, but the logo for Games for Windows has the Windows portion covered up. Someone at Microsoft's XBox division is trying their best to kill Windows gaming.

Sinofsky is leaving because he knows Windows 8 is going to crash. Win 8 for x64, Win 8 for ARM, and now a custom Win8 kernal for XBox. And someone even fostered this Start Screen crap on their server software. WTF indeed.

Sinofsky is bailing and taking his MS stock with him before the bloodbath. Apple and Android are going to continue to sell like naked French models and the Win8 crowd is going to continue to be the "hey, hey, listen to me, I have something important to say" crowd. Someone at the XBox division is messing it up by suppressing the Windows logo, getting a custom kernel, and probably had a hand in keeping DirectX 11.1 from Windows 7 (but you can bet your bottom dollar they'll have it on their custom Win8 kernel!)

Microsoft is a mess. They don't know what direction they are heading in and their competitors aren't even bothering to bash them. Each division is busy trying to bash the others divisions in. Microsoft tech is about as cool as a wet PB&J sandwich. Sinofsky knows it and is heading out the door before everyone else.



Great post.

There's a good Vanity Fair article about the internal goings-on of Microsoft. It's must-reading...



This with the "Modest" sales report has me wondering exactly what is going on. It could be merely coincidence that the two happened so close together, but it does raise a few red flags.



There are some things I like about Windows 8 and if you get one of the free start button applications, it becomes Windows 7 with some nice new smart phone features. I love the way people clamor for change and then when they get it, they complain. Give it a chance, folks.


I Jedi

I tried using it in the RC version, but navigating 8 really threw me off. The only reason I would upgrade is because of improved features over 7, like security. Even then, I don't feel the need to really upgrade, as I'm happy with the features and abilities of 7.

Oh, and not all of us wanted "change," nor did everyone clamoring for change want... this. Microsoft doesn't even give the consumer a choice to choose between the classic style of the GUI and Windows 8's new style. And no, the minimal version of the Windows desktop available in 8 does not count. I want the choice to choose how I interact with my OS. Either through Windows 8 interface or classic.



i have and i am using it.. still doesnt change my feelings about it



ok... ill bite... was this from the lack luster win8 and the fuck over every poweruser with windows 8 and lack of listening to your customers?



I am thinking that he quit over the Windows Start button being deleted!



what does the windows button do exactly now?

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