Windows Phone Growth Spiked in July, Still Has Long Way to Go



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I tried to load WP7 on my HTC HD2, failed 3 times due to an incompatible microSD card. I really wanted to try it out, but I think with no upgrade path to WP8 and the fact that it only works on a selected few 'certified' microSD cards, I can't really see WP taking off until WP8 is released along with a full-fledged application market for WP8. I do hope that a third viable competitor stays in the market to compete with iOS and Android.



Considering no current-gen Windows phones will be able to run WinPhone8, I'd call this clear evidence that ordinary consumers don't follow tech news.



Normal people do not follow tech news, they hard know what the technology they have can do. But this is still an impressive gain for Windows Phone. I look forward to seeing their WP8 launch, as I will be upgrading to one before the end of the year.



Or they do, and they're content with the WP7.8 update they'll be getting.

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