Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Breaches 1,000 App Mark



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I have the ZuneHD, and currently have about 7 apps on it. It's gotta be a nightmare browsing all your apps on WinMobile7. The ZuneHD displays apps as a scroll-down list of icons, and you could only see about 4-5 apps on it at once.

On another note, I'm not concerned about the number of apps. I'm concerened about the quality of apps. I have the iPod Touch, and yes, there are 100,000+ apps I could get. But most of them are the coined "crap-apps". Some of the apps are just game-guides! Some apps just turns your pictures into black and white. The flashlight app? Even demos of games count as an entire app (so in this sense, they're double-counting). I always lose respect for Steve Jobs when he boasts the number of apps available in the app store cuz I always thought Apple was all about quality.



Yeah I have to agree about the number of apps.  By all accounts the Android Marketplace is just filled with shitty or malicious apps, and the App Store is also filled with junk like "battery extenders" and stupid flashlight apps.  There needs to be a better way to count the number of apps and rank them by legitimacy or usefulness, because just regurgitating the number of entries in the list of stuff they have is not a good way to do it unless you're in marketing.

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