Windows Phone 7 Boasts 4,200 Apps and Growing



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Great site for checking WP7 apps :


Also, it should be noted that the Apple App Store launched and grew much slower than the WP7 App store :



The Android market is growing at a great pace but still needs to catch up to the amount of phones that are being activated.  Most of my clients are now realizing the potential of the Android market and we are begining to develop more android apps.  2011 will prove to be the year for the android apps and app developers.


Fecal Face

Didn't it launch with somewhere close to 1,000? That's not bad for a brand new platform


I Jedi

I can't help but wonder if Android owes part of its success to how many Android-phones are out there on almost every network. I know many people, who simply got an Android device because it was 'A' a smartphone, and 'B' a cool device to get; all the while never understanding that the OS powering this device was Android. Getting to my point, I wonder if Microsoft should take the same approach as Android did to the maket, and try to release their phone on as many platforms as possible.

Now, before I have a flame war over this, I KNOW Android is a very superior OS, with many functionalities, system updates, and an open market to the many, as I have an Epic 4G (Samsung Galaxy S); however, if we all remember the G1, it wasn't exactly a well-known smartphone until phone makers started pumping out more Android devices. (MyTouch, Hero, etc). Microsoft only has a handful of W7 phone devices, and I think that to attract more customers, they need to offer more devices. I could be entirely wrong, so I would like to hear the thoughts from anyone here. Again, I believe that Android only owes PART of its success to how many phones its managed to pump out over the last two years, and not the only reason Android owes its success to.



i think there is an abundance of potential with this platform and i for one want it to succeed. i really like the interface but there's just to much messed up with it at the moment that i wont be able to live with. as it looks like, itl be up to par with many of the options out now by like september..might be to much of a wait as im upgrading in feb!


Fecal Face

I think releasing more phones with WP7 would be a great idea, so long as it doesn't get fragmented like android - certain phones getting updates, some sooner than others, some not at all, etc.

One of the things I like the most about the WP7 phones is that they are all supposed to get the same updates, and they all have decent hardware

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