Windows Mobile 7 Confirmed, Connectivity with Xbox, Zune



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Win mo has fit my needs over the years that I don't see how this os has been considered out of the game. Although it doesn't have the pretty interface as iphone or android, there's way too many things that can be done with it than any of those other dumb smartphones. One major function is that of an actual hassle free phone. The other is the one handed functionality, especially the standard version of win mo. I'm not a fan of the touch interface especially the type of interface that demand holding the phone in one hand and navigating with the other. Touch interface is a natural function but the abilty to navitgate, type, make a call and everything else with one hand has been tantamount in my selection of a smartphone. The ability to type with one phone makes it a top priority alone.

Win Mo 7 may actually change this and looking forward to it. Although if it loses it's functionality and everything that I love about win mo, it would be a dam shame.



Windows Mobile isn't out of the game in my opinion, but it's going to have to make me breakfast before I buy one.

I think Android is just the right OS for me, and it's going to take a whole lot to change that. I want the DROID, but the battery life is a deal breaker for me. when they can make a phone like the droid that doesn't need recharging every day, then I'll buy. 

I also think the iPhone will fall by the wayside sooner or later. I think we're nearing a point where the iPhone will no longer have as much appeal to people as it does now. Maybe in the next few years?


Donate blood!



hopefully this will lead to more apps developed for the zune hd.



I've developed many pen-based, ppc and windows mobile apps for many companies over the last 18 years.  My sons and I love the ZuneHD (we have 3.)

But, until MS opens up full internet API's, access to 3D and an legal path to market apps, my efforts on the Zune HD will likely be limited to how I can manage to fit my music collection in 32GB.


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