Windows Marketplace Can Shut Down 7 Series Apps Remotely



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I think all us power users are forgetting something: most of us that classify ourselves as power users and would even care about 3rd party, custom written apps, openness of the platform, etc, are going to be the ones running a jailbroken version of the OS that will undoubtedly be released about 1-2 months after Windows Phone 7 comes out. When 7 Phone comes out, wait a couple months, do a Google search for jailbreaking it, and you'll probably find a good number of safe, reliable ways you can open up your phone again. Sure, you shouldn't HAVE to jailbreak your phone for some features, but let's be honest, you were going to do it anyways.


Righteous Fury

Of course it does. We already have the IPhone, why build another?



yes but why only iphone 4, Apple must include the same in 3GS in the next update.




I really dont care about this but what made me make up my mind is that the phone wont have a free gps system.






Leave it to Microsoft to take the few good things about Windows Mobile and sabotage them.

The only people that use Windows Mobile anymore are business users. A lot of businesses run custom applications written in-house and a lot of custom devices (like barcode scanners) are based on a Windows Mobile platform.

The above is the *only* reason why Windows Mobile is even relevant today. And Microsoft has gone and destroyed that.

Windows Mobile 7 is irrelevant. Nothing about it is unique and nothing about it offers an advantage over the competetion.



Long-winded, but here goes:

I have been running newer versions of WM 6.5 on my omnia for about a year now... I have flashed multiple versions, each with increased user capability. With my job I need exchange 2003 capability (why do IT ppl always fear upgrades?) which keeps me tethered to WM (w/o a 3rd party app of questionable reliability anyway) and I was looking forward to 7. From a development standpoint it was looking to be more open than older versions in the sense of the toolset and such. Silverlight intrigued me. The UI of the OS had me curious and I applauded the cutoff of the legacy framework...

...then came the damning news; Multitasking, filesystem access, independent install and pretty much all freedom gone.

I understand their reasoning. They want a solid platform for a good "user experience", which is the only way to truly compete on the same level as the iphone. They want to user to have a seemless, lock-free, crash-free, "it just works" time on the phone. My problem with that is the "user" they are looking at is not me. It is not most of the lurkers on this (or any other enthusiast) site. For the unwashed masses of neophyte "users" out there, they will probably not even know what is up. They will love 7. The xbox users (that are mostly not tech-geek iphone-type users who play games) in that group will eat up the live connectivity. (arguably a great feature)

For me... it just lost the shiny-ness. Developing for money (probably, like the iphone) would be good. For my own personal fun, not so much. While its possibly that most of the news we have is hype-laced speculation and I still have a vestige of hope for at least rom upgrades for us enthusiasts that can (and love to) use and abuse our phones... this will probably (finally) push me to android.



This whole situation shows just one thing. Companies have a backdoor into something YOU OWN. If they have a backdoor into your phone that will delete shit from it, then they can utilize that for spying on you as well. Yeah, sure. Corporate statements like, "We would never use it for that" does nothing at all to reassure me. It shouldn't be there in the first damned place. 

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I too was a Winmobile fan till I met WebOS! WebOS blows the doors off Winmobile but I'm not sure for how long though, so I might have to switch to android if palm folds. Soon, your gonna be able to buy a 50,000$ car but under strict restrictions, like, we will remotely disable your car if you don't use our approved oil at servicing....



Its fine if they do have a kill switch. I rather not worry about putting an ap that will steal my info (Android I'm talking about you). They just better not be as strict as apple. No multitask, no cut & paste,no different interface. If they keep cutting out some of the good stuff, then my Win6.1 will have to last me till the Nexus One comes to my carrier.



No, this doesn't disuade me at all. I have already decided that I will never own a smartphone with this crap on it. They have taken everything that was positive about Windows Mobile and gone the absolute Apple direction with them. Much like an iPhone, I will never own a WPS7 device.

You know users... Buncha bitchy little girls.


Peanut Fox

What was positive about Windows Mobile in it's previous forms that Phone 7 can't do?  



I have been looking forward to Windows Phone 7 for quite a while now.  But there seems to be a lot of cracks showing up in the shiny veneer.  No Cut/Paste, no loading of 3rd party apps, no option for background multi-tasking, and now a remote killswitch...  I might start re thinking about Android.



Now, all you need is some enterprising dark hat lining figuring out how to kill such apps remotely by impersonating M$ or Apple or what ever other OS or Application has such undesired killswitches built in. I for one would want to disable any killswitch-ability on MY personal property irregardless who thinks they own my pocketbook. Remote kill switches and corporate rootkits do not belong on consumer's boxes. Really the horrifying level of *greediness* on behalf of super corporations like these terrifying money monsters has gotten way out of hand.



They pretty much do the same thing with Xbox Indie Games.



I believe that at that same conference they stated you could also sideload apps not on marketplace through a similar method that is currently used on 6.5



Killswitchs are dangerous things in the hands of coporations. The Kindle incident a while back was an example of what they can do. Luckily the customers were refunded for the purchase of the book remotely deleted off their devices, but who's to say refunds will always be given in a revoke/remove situation?

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