Windows Market Share Hits Lowest Point in 15 Years



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I'd like to have a Windows install that actually lasts for 5 years without having to be reinstalled because of OS corruption.  Hey Microsoft, forget about the Features until you've actually fixed the RELIABILITY and LONGEVITY of an OS install!



I've never owned a computer for five years much less kept a single installation of Windows around for that long. If it makes you feel better, my current Vista install has been in place since August 2007 and runs just as well as the first day. Better, in fact, since subsequent driver updates have streamlined things a bit.

Step one toward Windows happiness... the first thing you should do after installation is turn off the "windows search" service and the "recovery" tool.





Good idea, but put in your back pocket for 18 months or so. I don't see much point in trying to save the public perception of Vista at this point, M$ lost the media war long ago. When Windows 7 launches, they can do the full-on, "We've learned so much and have been humbled, but our new product is the best!" thing.




 Were pride not a factor, the best thing Microsoft could do re:vista would be to make a simple ad, where someone comes on the TV and flat out says "By now you've all heard the tale that Vista wasn't perfect at it's launch. Well I'm here to assure you that we've worked long and hard to correct any issues, and improve performance across the board. Vista is now a powerful and stable operating system with features unmatched by any other OS, and an emphasis on security and reliability.

We've learned some powerful lessons and strive day in and day out to enhance not only our operating system, but all our products, to make them better for you. I urge you to put the stories behind you, and try Vista for yourself. You won't be disappointed."


A 30 second spot like that would do more for Microsoft's image than any over-paid (however great and respectable) actor in a 3 minute commercial  could ever do.

 ...... were pride not a factor.


"There's no time like the future."

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