Windows Live, Zune Brands Purged From Windows 8



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Zune was never integrated with Windows and alway stood as a separate software so saying that MS is purging it in Windows 8 is like saying that Security essentials is being left out of Windows. The interesting question is if something that's a Zune type player is finally replacing Media Player! It about time!



Why don't they dump WMP and replace it with Zune? I never got the point of 2 competing products - from the SAME company... I also agree about confusing branding... Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, they sound similar but aren't really...

Oh, and the metro UI SUCKS!!! Most people don't have touchscreens you know. Heck, even if you do have one, what about the ergonomic issues and such? I really don't like where that particular part is heading...



Yeah, I got confused about all that windows live crap too. Such as my windows phone 7 was asking for my windows live I.D. I never had a windows live ID. Turns out it uses my Hotmail account.

Windows UI is just a UI in front of the regular desktop your used to and you can turn it off or on. Just put it as a widget of some sort that makes your regular desktop look and feel different. I think they were going for that point, Different.



windows 8 = train wreck

I can't wait for it's release. It will be enjoyable to watch "the backlash".




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That is simply the worst looking interface idea I have EVER seen.

One can only hope that BS can be turned off. I see an instant fail in the corporate world if it can't.



I don't care about names but if they do totally get rid of the Zune Pass (or whatever they're calling it by then) then Android will once again stand a very good chance of winning me back.



They're definitely not getting rid of Zune Pass, they just want to re-brand it.

Microsoft has been putting a lot of work into Zune Pass the last couple years. I've read a few articles detailing some of the engineering behind Zune Pass and the infrastructure powering the music streaming service and they've put millions and millions of dollars into it. They also just added a bunch of new countries to the Zune Pass service only 6 months ago (including Canada, which I'm totally pumped about). There's no way Microsoft has put this much time and effort into something they intend to kill off within the near future. The Zune Pass functionality is here to stay, though the name will likely change by the time Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is released.



Was Zune Pass the only reason why you use Windows Phone instead of Android?



in order of what worked best for me on a mobile media device.... Zune HD and Zune pass (best), Ipod to Itunes (good), Android sync to media library (OK but for the media store shortfalls), Android trying sync to iTunes with various work arounds (awful). If media integration with store to phone is important to you and you don't want to go Apple phone, i can see why this can be a compelling reason to go with the windows phone.



What's zune?
JK. but seriously, I don't think anyone will notice or care too much.

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