Windows Blue to Support Syncing of Start Screens Across PCs



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Win phone 8:
Touchscreen equipment
Touchscreen os
Touchscreen apps

Win 8:
Non touchscreen equipment :desktop
Non touchscreen programs :except a couple of new apps
Touchscreen os
I need all 16g of system memory to run those 2m touchscreen apps!!!
No thank you!!!


Bullwinkle J Moose

I's like to see 3 or 4 articles in a row that you didn't just copy from other sites

Maybe it's newsworthy for Microsoft, but is it really news?

Here's a challenge....

1st one to write 5 original articles in a row win's my respect

That's gotta be worth sumthin



Bullwinkle, are you ever satisfied?



I'm going to have to agree with Bullwinkle on this one. MaxPC is getting really bad with their news reporting.



If it has anything to do with Microsoft, then NO, Moose is never satisfied! Just keeps spouting the same ole rhetoric!


Bullwinkle J Moose

Well at least I have an open mind Exarkun and it's not that I don't believe you, but, I'd like to see your proof

Got any?

Right back atcha

Your posts on that Linux article 3 pages back were awesome

I found it quite amusing that Jgottberg basically agreed with me that there will always be security holes which Microsoft refuses to close while at the same time you kept saying I had no proof

Why didn't you argue with Jgottberg on the subject since you both seemed to have opposing views on the matter

Why would 2 people with (apparently) opposing views argue with the one guy who actually did the research?

Sounds like an agenda to me

Honestly, do you think Microsoft is "NOT" a huge security problem (By Design), or do you think you are safe from the next virus, spyware, malware and Microsoft Update that comes along?

If you honestly believe you are safe, then you don't need any more MS security updates do you?

You know there is a problem but you won't admit it



Moose, I never said Microsoft DIDN'T have Security Holes. All I was wanting from you was substantiation of YOUR claims on that Linux Thread (which you still have not done), not whether Microsoft has holes. Sheeesh. You twisted my comments around, just like now, and then proceed to make MORE rash statements.

Anyone who works with Microsoft Products KNOWS there are security holes. YOUR claims were all I was wanting "PROOF" of, not proof that holes exist.

Until you can provide such proof, I will continue to say you spout a lot of rhetoric without substantiating them.



Sync start screens? Cool-- I'll be able to have nothing but the desktop tile across PCs. That will save time deleting all the crappy apps.

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