Windows 8 TV Ad Campaign Kicks off Today Along with the Official Netflix App



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I like their ad agency lately, Funny Windows Phone commercials "Really", Good IE9 commercial "Alex Clare song", and this one is much better than those slow boring ones of people sending video of each other to another device in the same room or I'm a PC ads. They do need to keep that same feel, but show in a quick positive,edgy way what can be done. Not just saying it can do more like the "Droid Does" commercials. Much better than the over hyped I can talk to my phone and it talks back commercials only to find the real story that you can't use it like you thought.



You heard it here first - Windows 8 is dead!! So is M$!!!


Put that in your address bar. Get used to it.



John Pombrio

Let's see. There is a separate music player app and a separate video player app, both under the umbrella of XBox360. NOT to be confused with Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center. Now that is integration!
Meantime, Netflix is erroring out with a W8156-8000FFF error (which is nowhere to be found on the web). I checked to make sure that Netflix was enabled in win Firewall.



John, MS just released a fairly major update for Windows 8, specifically directed at the media foundation API's. MS's description of the update almost sounds like the update was specifically developed at the request of 3rd party developers.

I wouldn't be surprised if this new Netflix app relies on this update. Make sure your system is up to date and then try reinstalling Netflix. I've been using the app on my computer and haven't had any issues. I think it's Netflix's best interface yet actually!



This sounds sort of like the Windows Media Center TV, except it doesn't require the tuner this time.



Sigh. Here we go again...



I found it rather chopped up. To me it is like watching someone with ADHD and is restless. I think the commercial is actually what MS is going to promote Win 8 to be, not for someone who wants to really do anything. Fruit Ninjas and MS Paint and watching videos on Youtube, and for a tablet that is fine, but they have to do something really amazing to convince me that it is worth a penny to upgrade my desktops to a touch centric interface. Plus on a large screen touch really just doesn't work IMHO unless it's laying flat.



Not the worst commercial, but it doesn't wow or tantalize me. Anyone can clip workflow of random stock video together with an audio track behind it emphasizing a products placement in the activities depicted.

I agree with you Justin, that finding things in the store is bit of a chore when compared to other marketplaces. But its so obvious, i think it will be one of those "major updates" MSFT was talking about just before launch. Don't you?

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