Windows 8 Market Share Rises to 2.2 Percent, Windows 7 Down Slightly



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Even though Windows 8 market share rises to 2.2 Percent, I always use Windows 7.
Windows 8 is much complex for me!!!!



Slowly windows 8 shares will rise. Just like they did with vista. Then when windows 9 comes, and lets us all choose between desktop mode and tablet mode, everyone will jump ship from win8 to win9 just like vista/7. There will of course be people still running 7 for compatibility just like there are people running XP for the same reason.
Either that or win9 will flop harder than month-old fruit cake and the OSX and Linux share will tick up (OSX for the simple users, linux for the gamers who love steam and for power users).



It's fine. Metro can be ignored if you wish and there are enough updates to the desktop mode to make me miss it when I'm on another computer.

Now that the special price is over I'm not sure if I would rush out to upgrade though. And metro is truly awful on a large, non-touch monitor. But again, really easy to ignore.

The only problem program I've had is Telltales The Walking Dead. It won't run if you have an xbox 360 controller. Annoyingly their official response is 'Windows 8 is not a supported platform'.

Other then that, no issues I've come across.



99% of these new Windows 8 users are just noobs buying Computers with Windows 8 already installed.
Every Power User I know won't touch Windows 8! Windows 8 doesn't do anything that warrants upgrading.



"99% of these new Windows 8 users are just noobs buying Computers with Windows 8 already installed."

Regular people like internet porn too!




Most people buying computers aren't "Power Users"; they're normal run-of-the-mill people who are out looking for a new computer, and guess what? Those people are what Microsoft was targeting. It's working, too. I've already had a few people (a couple of which were diehard Mac users, including my wife) ask me to put "those square swishy things" on their laptops for them.

As far as warranting an upgrade, as with anything, it's all subjective. Metro is actually quicker and easier to use for most people who are willing to put half a second into learning it. It isn't just good for touch, either. There's this thing called a mouse wheel, and it lets me scroll across Metro extremely easily. Aside from that, it makes a good home server and uses fewer resources than Seven. I also personally like the way it looks better.



Actually it is not bad. I still use Win 7 on my maxed our desktop rig but the more I learn how to use the features of Win 8 the more I like it. For example, the start orb is really still there, just move the pointer to the lower left corner and click and you have the start page which is basically like the start list except it is those tablet looking tiles. Touch is fine on a tablet or even notebook but virtually useless on a desktop with big monitors almost three feet away, I agree.
As an OS Win 8 is fast and lean and really fine. I would not be in a rush to upgrade Win 7 to win 8 but I certainly would upgrade from Xp and Vista at this point and I would not be afraid of it.



I took advantage of the $15.00 upgrade special to put Win 8 on an older 2 core computer that I recently replaced with a newer computer. With a 3rd party replacement for the Start menu, it's actually not that bad. Noticeably faster than the Win 7 version, though part of that may be due to having a "clean" install. It successfully installed without messing with my installed programs and settings. A few programs aren't compatible, e.g., Pinnacle Studios. But I got the new computer so I could do video editing, which was impossible with the old computer anyway. All other important programs seem to be working.

Getting rid of the Start menu and forcing users towards the Metro interface will go down as one of those big goofs, particularly if they don't back track at some point. If they expect us to upgrade to the next version sometime this year, they had better fix this soon.



I was impressed by its fast start-up and shut-downs. I just have this sneaky feeling that after a few major Windows Updates and the first service pack, it'll be right back to the Windows we all know and "love." One can always hope not...



If Microsoft ever wants 8 to succeed, that's probably what they'll eventually have to do (if the ratings say anything). I'd certainly be willing to upgrade if they decided to let people disable the tablet UI. (if they don't, I'll continue waiting it out with 7)



Believe the no brainer reason for this is due to sales of new PC's and other hardware with Windows 8 already installed. Likely most of which are getting returned.

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