Windows 8 Dev Tablets Hit eBay; Not the Only Windows 8 Devices on Sale



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$2700 ... Cheap!


Are those specs right?


I have the modified Vista3 Preview. I'm still laughing!



So did you folks at MPC score one of these things to do a review on the current state of Win8?



Wow what an article: "A few of those developers are apparently so unimpressed that they are now desperately trying to get rid of these gratis tablets for whatever amount people are willing to pay". it would be nice to read an article on this site with out the snarky comments!! Did you ever think that the reason that sime devs are selling these tablets is because people are willing to pay a lot of $$$. TRY TO BE PROFESSIONAL for a change.



Sure, turn my PC into a phone. WTF.


Holly Golightly

Wow, talk about total rip-off's-ville! It is just better to download the developer kit for free on the official site than to pay $2,700 for a tablet that is destined to expire next year when the official Windows 8 tablets are released. I hope they know that the OS they are getting is incomplete... No Xbox Live. I am very excited for Windows 8, but I can wait just a little while longer. I want the complete experience.



A fool and their money...

The only problem I see in Windows 8 is it's different. People just need to be more open minded. And let's be real this is probably the first major change for MS since DOS to Windows. I survived OS9 to OSX, and many different desktop UIs in Linux, and even find to iOS to be more useful than I had initially thought.  


Holly Golightly

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is very useful... If not, a revolution in the Operating System history... Period. But this Windows 8 is incomplete. It may have some more advantages in comparison to Windows 7, but the developer kit of Windows 8 is missing some of the best features. It is like if I went ahead and purchase the incomplete Vista Ultimate for $400 instead of buying the complete Windows 7 Home Premium for only $100. The difference is I save more, and I get more. More bang for the buck, sort of speak. Some customers are all money and no brains.



I downloaded the dev preview, and it is extremely akward to use with a mouse and keyboard. Hate the new start menu.

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